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Edited by Renee Laprise
Original Musical Score Composed
and Performed by

Shalabi Effect
(Alexandre St-Onge,
Sam Shalabi and
Will Eizlini)
Sound Design and Editing by Mike Bainbridge
Final Sound Mix by Michel Legault
Production Design John Werner
Owen Oulton
Keith Shively
Johanna Neuteboom
Associate Producers Leslie and Robert Climie
Executive Producer Tom Steiner
Screenplay by Calvin Climie and Gerald Mackenzie
Produced and Directed by Calvin Climie


Speen Relco Simon Fraser
Dehma Jow'say Carrie L. Fisher-Coppola
The Computer Jennifer Finlayson
Rayd Wat Sinn Jock Climie
Secretary Calvin Climie


Script Editor Dawn Williams
Additional Dialogue Simon Fraser

Sets and Miniatures John Werner
Owen Oulton
Keith Shively
Johanna Neuteboom
William Dwelly
Calvin Climie
Robert Hsu
John Douglass
Props Owen Oulton
Keith Shively
Puppet Design and

Calvin Climie
Costumes Linda Ditchburn
Nancy Fletcher


Lighting and Special Effects Design Brian McPhail
William Dwelly
Additional Stop Motion Rye Hanna
William Dwelly
Brian McPhail
Production Assistants
Post Production Crew
Picture Initial Editors Evan Trestan
Calvin Climie
Additional Editing Shay Schwartzman
Arlen Vranic
Editing Consultant Gerald Mackenzie
Special CG Effects and Animation Eric Fenato of Dreamweaver Studios
Additional CG Animation Cedric Lavergne
Lee Haneman
CG Compositing Calvin Climie
Special Effects Research and Development Brian McPhail
Devon Ayres
Jeff Fox
Jean-Marc Laurin
Special EquipmentDave Millross
Tom Steiner
Computer Effects Advisors Devon Ayres
Jeff Fox
Michael Johnston
Special Effects Transfers Nick Humphrys
Colour Grading Master Precision Transfer Technologies
Sound FX and ADR Recording Mike Bainbridge
Dialogue Recording National Film Board Studios
Additional Sound Recording Dennis Murphy
Gerald Mackenzie
Marshall Starkman
Sound FX Clean Up Michel Legault
Michael Kerr of Cinevale Media
Melissa Innes
Music Recording Michel Legault
Additional Music
arranged and performed by
J.S. Bach (Minuet I)
Mike Bainbridge
Sound Mixing Michel Legault
Foley Artists Aurele Gaudet
Ben Morrison
Title Design and Animation Matt Evans
Production Assistants Misty Robertson
June Pang
Linda Ditchburn
Post Production Facilities Cinevale Media
SAW Video Co-op
DreamWeaver Studios
Independent Filmmakers Cooperative of Ottawa
York University
Production Studios University of Ottawa AV Department
Mastron Mechanical
Stills Photography Tom Steiner
Dickson Yewn
Publicity Matthew Evans
Susan Wellisch
Trailer and Publicity Art Matthew Evans
Website Owen Oulton
John Fleming
Video Documentation Tom Steiner
Negative Cut Catherine Rankin Productions
Director of Business Affairs Victor I. Coderre
Finance Consultant Michael Stratford
Filmed on Fuji Photo Film
Eastman Kodak
Processing Medallion/PFA
National Film Board of Canada
Deluxe Astral
Video Transfer Covitech
Vision Globale
Distinct Features


Heather Allen
Robert and Leslie Climie
Alan and Betty Norton


Hardwood Lake Chorus
Joey Sayer
David Millross
Stanley Millross
Mark Gareau
Claude Cardinal
Richard Smith
Linda Payette
Dwayne Carlyle
Paul Belrose
Brian Oldford
Derek VanderMolen
Mike Waterfield
Pam Bustin
Gary Tutte
Derek Diorio
Great Canadian Theatre Company
Jon Alexander
Scott Windsor
Roger Wilson
Patrice James
Darcy Minick
Dan Sokolowski
Scott Galley
Henrietta Veerman
Jean Guy Brin
Sue Stewart
Dino Koutras
Dave Shea
Mahdi Hashi
Karen Lee Leonard
Shobha Gupta-Gallagher
Dan Gainsford
SAW Video Co-op
Mike Valiquette
Michael Kerr
Tad Winklarz
Eric Smith
Valerie Tomlinson
Stephen Laflamme
Raymond Lowe
Sue Vaclavik
Jamie Carson
Leuten Rojas
Gerd Kudz
Frankie Hui
Shane and Brenda Climie
Debbie Tihanyi
Warren Pratte
Carole Sage
Wilson Cheng
George Eapen
Mark Haslam from Planet in Focus
York University
Michael Jacot
Dave Roebuck
Kathryn Hope
Antonin Lhotsky
Vaclav Taborsky
National Film Board
Esther Srour
Brian Inness
David Verral
Marcy Page
Carroll Smith
Susan Gorley
Luc Choquette
Richard Cousins
Dave Simelenko
Adam Ciolfi
Susan Oxtoby
Phil Rose
Diederich Van den Wegh
James Buffin
Andy Gondek
Jan Topper
Guy Louis XVI
George W. Holland
Bob Moore
Frank Allan
Robert Dunlop
Angela Annya, Hansen Planetarium
Gerry Paquette
Ottawa University Theatre Dept
Tim Sellers, Criterion Pictures
Frank Allan
Jan Topper
Jerry McNabb
Micheline Persaud
Lee Atkinson
Richard Quigley
Brigitta Brittain Cards
This film was made possible by funding from
Canada Council for the Arts
National Film Board of Canada PAFPS
Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton
Ontario Arts Council
City of Ottawa
Climie Family Film Fund