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Central to Speens's plot are various pieces of equipment, notably his pistol and remote control.


The pistol is a directed-energy blaster. It has a conventional grip, atop which is a control module
which is used to adjust the various settings. A large businesslike muzzle makes it
quite clear that you're standing on the wrong end.


The remote control unit is used to pilot the ship manually from elsewhere. It is worn
like a catcher's mitt, and has a number of control buttons and a thumb-controlled joystick.
A series of lights on the remote indicate that the unit is functioning correctly.

Both props had to be constructed in two scales, small versions in scale with the full-body puppets, and larger ones, four times the size, for closeups.


Another piece of equipment used by Speen is the antigravity restraint collar.
This device, placed around the neck, suspends a prisoner in the air
to prevent any movement or escape.