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The Chiropteran biospheres are hollowed-out iron-nickel asteroids, shaped into a rough torus (donut shape) and fitted with one or more life-sustaining domes. Inside the domes, a variety of different ecologies are duplicated, allowing portions of the planet Jal'ray's flora and fauna to be preserved.

The rocky mass surrounding the biosphere domes contain living quarters for the crew and residents, life support facilities, laboratories and storage for the stored seeds and frozen fertilised ova of Jal'ray's plant and animal life. Mounted around the circumference are docking arrays, solar sail masts, solar collectors and other equipment. The dome itself is a double-layered structure, with a transparent outer layer and an inner shield which rotates to produce a day/night cycle duplicating that of Jal'ray.

Biosphere Nao'sin

Diameter (main torus):140m
Mass:54 000 tonnes
Population w/ crew:120
Docking Facilities:1 docking arm with capacity for 1 vessel

Biosphere Kon'doy

Diameter (main torus):1500m
Mass:70 000 000 tonnes
Population w/ crew:100 000
Docking Facilities:1 docking array with capacity for 4 vessels


Biosphere Nao'sin Control Room

Control Room

The main control room for Biosphere Nao'sin is hollowed out from the small asteroid module which supports the docking arm. From here, the crew of the biosphere, in conjuntion with the station computer, can monitor and control all station operations. The centre of the control room is dominated by a large console, which faces a large display screen set into one wall.

Control Room

To the rear of the control room are a cluster of four coldsleep hibernation chambers, space suit storage and the entrance to the docking arm airlock. A variety of cave mosses are cultivated within the control room, both for their beneficial environmental properties and for æsthetic reasons.


Solar Sail

Solar Sail

Biosphere Nao'sin can manœuvre within its orbit using a solar sail extruded by a spinneret module mounted to the outer torus of the station. A solar sail works by pressure from the solar wind, a highly energised stream of particles from the system's sun.


Docking Arm

Docking Arm

The docking arm for Biosphere Nao'sin is mounted on a module hollowed out of a smaller asteroid, attached to the main rocky torus. The docking arm uses a gravitic tractor beam to hold docked vessels in place. An extendable airlock allows the transfer of personnel between the biosphere and visiting ships. The large sphere beneath the module is the biosphere's navigation beacon. A small emergency lifepod is provided for crew to escape the biosphere in an emergency.


Biosphere Nao'sin Forest


The centre dome of Biosphere Nao'sin houses the main reason for the station's existence - the forest habitat. Nao'sin hosts a sampling of Jal'ray's temperate forest, with many species of vegetation and animals, mostly large insects used for food. In the centre of the forest is a small lake containing aquatic species.


Biosphere Nao'sin Life Support

Life Support

The life support mechanisms for the biosphere are housed in the rocky torus surrounding the forest. These areas also house the stores of preserved flora and fauna from Jal'ray, kept in stasis for the eventual re-seeding of the planet. Several stasis units can be seen on the left of the photo above.