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Galen II Side View
Galen II

The Solthka Mining Corporation is renowned for its fleet of Kroyla Mk. III tug/prospector vessels. Kroylaclass vessels are used for long-range excursions into unknown territory and are capable of fuel replenishment from solar coronas and solar winds using a magnetic scoop. Captain Relco's ship, the Galen II, is typical of the class. It has accomodations for one crew member and cargo capacity sufficient to carry a range of ore samples back to its base to be assayed.

Type: Tug/prospector vessel
Length: 33.5m (pusher legs retracted)
36.0m (pusher legs extended)
Diametre: 9.75m (overall)
5.40m (forward hull)
Crew: 1
Sublight: Largent PAbMA reaction drive (Propellant Acceleration by Matter Annihilation)
maximum velocity: 53.4% light speed (160 000km/sec)
maximum acceleration (no load): 1170.7m/sec², (120 G)
Hyperdrive: Crinolin space-fold initiator
maximum pseudo-velocity: 1460 times light speed (4 light years per day)
Galen II
Bow quarter view of Galen II
Galen II
Stern quarter view of Galen II

The Kroyla Mk. III

The Kroyla Mk. III class tug/prospector is an upgraded model of the earlier Kroyla Mk. I and Mk. II classes, now obsolete.

Kroyla Mk. II
Bow quarter view of Kroyla Mk. II
Kroyla Mk. II
Stern quarter view of Kroyla Mk. II