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Deh'ma Jow'say

Deh'ma Jow'say, a young Chiropteran specialist in botany and herbal medicine, is the sole inhabitant of the Biosphere Nao'sin, her crewmates having left to answer a distress call from Biosphere Kon'doy.

Age:22 (Earth years)
Height:76 cm
Mass:15 kg
Home Biosphere:Biosphere Kon'doy
Occupation:Herbalist, botanist stationed on Biosphere Nao'sin


Deh'ma Jow'say was raised by the Penlo clan on the large Biosphere Kon'doy. Early on, she showed a high aptitude with Pterastraps, a flying mechanism based on the wing structure of the Chiropteran's bat ancestors. She won several awards for agility flying, finishing a high-level obstacle course a full minute faster than any previous competitor. She also tested very high in the mental art of predictive dreaming, a rare but highly valued psionic ability.

Deh'ma was trained as a botanist and herbalist, and also studied history, philosophy and biology. During her final education, she won an awardfor the best herbal remedy prepared from minimal materials within a fixed time period. Upon graduation from her studies, Deh'ma was invited to participate in the setup of a new species continuation and protection cooperative called Plethora, aboard Biosphere Nao'sin. This was a great honour for one so young, and she readily accepted.

Deh'ma was happy with her role in preserving the future of her species and the eventual re-seeding of Jal'ray along with Bil, Qual and Tomlo, the other crewmembers of Biosphere Nao'sin, until they received a garbled distress call from Kon'doy. Deh'ma, as station botanist, was left to tend the biosphere while the others took their small ship and responded to the distress call.

That was a month ago, and Deh'ma has heard nothing since . . .


Captain Speen Relco

Speen Relco is captain of the Galen II, a small Kroyla Mk. III class tug/prospecting vessel owned by the Solthka Mining Corporation. Captain Relco contacts the Biosphere Nao'sin, claiming a malfunctiuon aboard his ship. Welcomed aboard by Deh'ma, he soon shows his true colours . . .

Age:43 (Earth years)
Height:150 cm
Mass:45 kg
Occupation:Prospector for Solthka Mining Corporation


Speen Relco started in mining at age 26, when he was hired as a prospector trainee with the Solthka Mining Corporation following 8 years of specialty training in metallurgy and off-world resource development. He soon rose in the corporate ranks, securing several awards and promotion into administrative levels.

Two years ago, while serving as a mine supervisor at Solthka's platinum holdings at its largest mine in the Denabu system, he was caught stealing material through a subcontractor. The subcontractor, an android named Crat, was siphoning off small amounts of material via matter transferance and selling it on the black market to the Vengron (a planet under inter-world trade embargo), then transferring the profits to Speen's secret account on Velpas 13. Speen was only caught because he had failed to activate the deceit chip in Crat, who accidentally revealed Speen's plot to Philo, a Dilobian wanderer, over several rounds of Roolawp gin in a Denabu bar. Realizing his error the android offered Philo a cut of the profits, but it was too late. Philo informed the media; Solthka's shareholders were aghast. Profit potential had been compromised by 0.3%. Speen was arrested and charged with embezzlement.

His 6-year imprisonment in the Railthee Minimum Security Facility was averted by the intervention of one of his colleagues, Rayd Wat Sinn. They had never been on the best of terms. Speen had always been the more adventurous one and had subtly denigrated Rayd's work in front of peers and superiors throughout their time together. Had it not been for his mistake, Speen would have risen to CEO within 2 more years. He was not punished for his lack of ethics but for having gotten caught. Rayd saw Speen's fall from grace as a golden opportunity to place him forever in Rayd's debt. Speen was demoted to exploratory status and transferred directly under Rayd's command.


Rayd Wat Sinn

Age:50 (Earth years)
Height:145 cm
Mass:40 kg
Occupation:Head of Solthka Mining Corporation's Resource Acquisition Division


Rayd Wat Sinn joined the Solthka Mining Corporation as a junior administrator and worked his way up through the ranks. He was always on the losing end of a fiercely competitive relationship with Speen Relco, a rising young executive with the company, but when Speen fell afoul of the law, he saw it as a chance to get even.

Using his influence to quash the charges, he had Speen demoted to prospecting status and placed under his authority. Since then, he has made sure that Speen has been assigned the dreariest of exploratory duties, all the while dangling the carrot of a possible return to grace before him. He has no intent of coming through, however, no matter how well Speen performs . . .